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When Might Child Support Increase in Atlanta?


Although an initial child support agreement typically sets out a specific monthly sum that one parent must pay per month, these payments may increase over time. There are a number of situations that could lead to increases in child support, and it is helpful to learn more as you approach a potential child support modification. Whether you are paying or receiving child support in Atlanta, you can fight for your rights effectively alongside qualified family law attorneys.

Medical Issues 

One potential reason for increased child support is the emergence of new medical issues pertaining to the minor child. If your child requires urgent and expensive medical treatments, it may be financially necessary to increase monthly child support payments to assist in covering these costs. In most cases, parents facing these medical issues and challenges for their child mutually agree that higher monthly child support is necessary. It may be possible to streamline the modification of child support under urgent medical conditions to ensure a child’s immediate access to important medical treatments.

However, many parents disagree on how “necessary” medical treatment should be defined For example, many parents disagree on vaccine requirements, especially over the past few years. One parent may view a medical procedure as necessary and life-saving, while another parent might view a medical procedure as needless and potentially harmful. If these disagreements cannot be resolved informally or through mediation, parents may need to seek a child support modification with the Court.

Increased Educational Costs 

A parent may also be justified in petitioning for more child support if a child’s educational costs unexpectedly increase. For example, a child may have the opportunity to enroll in a special program for gifted students. This new program may come with higher costs, and it may be necessary to increase monthly child support payments as a result. Alternatively, one parent may believe that private school is necessary to improve the quality of education for the child. If this is the case, the receiving parent could potentially petition for a modification of child support to cover tuition costs. Again, some parents may mutually agree that such increases are necessary in the pursuit of higher education, while other parents may not agree that special educational programming or private school is necessary for the minor child’s education

 Increased Income or Wealth Among Parents 

Perhaps the most common justification for increased child support payments is an increase in wealth or income of the paying parent. For example, the paying parent may get promoted and receive a higher salary. A paying parent may make lucrative investments that dramatically increases his/her net worth. Perhaps a parent that pays child support has received an inheritance from a family member who passed away. If a paying parent’s net worth or income increases significantly,, the non-paying parent may be justified in seeking higher child support amounts.

Find a Qualified Child Support Lawyer in Atlanta 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced child support lawyer in Atlanta, look no further than Kaye, Lembeck, Hitt & French. We know that increasing child support can be concerning for numerous reasons – particularly in a difficult economy with rising living costs. Whether you face paying or receiving higher child support, we can help you strive for solid financial security. Book your consultation today to discuss the most appropriate legal strategy based on your unique situation.




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