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Atlanta Grandparent Visitation Attorney

Family bonds extend beyond parents and children, reaching into the loving relationships between grandparents and grandchildren. Our Atlanta grandparent visitation attorney understand that grandparent visitation is a sensitive and significant matter. Below, we explore the complex issues surrounding grandparent visitation rights in Atlanta, Georgia:

Understanding Grandparent Visitation Rights

Grandparents in Atlanta have the right to seek visitation with their grandchildren through the Georgia legal system, especially if they have an established ongoing relationship. These rights, however, are subject to the best interests of the child’s welfare and the parent’s rights.

In Georgia, there is no specific age at which a child can unilaterally decide to stop visitation with a grandparent. Courts consider the child’s wishes but weigh them alongside other factors to determine the best interest.

Georgia has specific laws that address grandparent visitation rights. These laws recognize the importance of maintaining the grandparent-grandchild relationship and provide a legal framework for enforcing visitation. Our attorneys can help you navigate these complex interactions.

Filing For Grandparent Visitation Rights in Georgia

If you are facing difficulties in seeing your grandchildren, it may be time to consult an Atlanta grandparent visitation attorney. We can assess your situation, explain your legal options, and help you pursue the best course of action. Filing for visitation rights in Georgia requires understanding the legal process, completing the appropriate paperwork, and possibly attending a court hearing. An Atlanta grandparent visitation attorney from our firm can guide you through the steps, ensuring your rights are properly advocated.

Parents have primary authority over their children’s care, but unreasonable denial of grandparent visitation may be challenged in court. Our attorneys can evaluate your case and guide you through the legal process.

Under Georgia law, grandparents have a right to petition the court to request visitation rights to see their grandchildren. When the child’s parents are separated or divorced, the grandparent can “join” or “intervene” as a party in an existing visitation or child custody dispute between the parents.

If you are facing grandparent alienation, which refers to a deliberate attempt to interfere with or sever the relationship between a grandparent and grandchild, it can be a complex and emotional situation, requiring professional legal intervention.

To successfully gain visitation, grandparents must prove that their lack of visitation would harm the child’s health or welfare. Additionally, they must show that grandparent visitation is in the child’s best interests. The grandparents must present “clear and convincing evidence” to meet this burden of proof.

How Can We Help You?

Our Atlanta Grandparent Visitation Attorneys can provide legal advice, represent you in court, and negotiate with other parties. We are committed to preserving your relationship with your grandchild(ren).

Let Us Help You With Grandparent Visitation

At Kaye, Lembeck, Hitt & French Family Law, we are here to ensure that your voice is heard and your rights respected. Our experienced Atlanta grandparent visitation attorneys are dedicated to nurturing the precious bonds between grandparents and grandchildren. Contact us today to discuss your unique situation and explore how we can assist you.

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