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Atlanta Uncontested Divorce Attorney

The process of divorce can often be an emotional experience. There are ways to simplify it while protecting your interests. At Kaye, Lembeck, Hitt & French, our Atlanta uncontested divorce attorney offers an affordable and less confrontational approach to ending your marriage. In this guide, we will cover all the aspects of uncontested divorce.

Understanding Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce occurs when both partners come to an agreement on all aspects of ending their marriage. The aspects of an uncontested divorce may include dividing property, arranging child custody, determining alimony, and addressing other legal matters.

Uncontested divorces are quite common in Florida, as they offer an easier approach to ending a marriage. This type of divorce allows couples to avoid the stress, high expenses, and lengthy legal proceedings associated with contested divorces.

When considering going through an uncontested divorce, it is important to understand a few key factors:

  • Assets: Make sure you have a clear understanding of shared properties, debts, and assets.
  • Child custody: If you have children with your spouse, it’s important to reach an agreement on custody arrangements that work well for everyone involved.
  • Finances: Establishing agreements on alimony and child support is essential as part of the divorce settlement.
  • Decision: Both parties must agree for the divorce to be considered uncontested.

In order to obtain an uncontested divorce, at least one spouse must have been a resident of the state for six months. It is crucial to ensure that there is a written agreement that addresses all aspects of the marriage. This agreement usually addresses important details such as income, assets, debts, and other relevant considerations.

Once an agreement is reached by both parties, they must proceed with filing the documentation with the court. This paperwork delineates the division of assets and any arrangements regarding custody (if and financial responsibilities). If they meet all criteria, the divorce is then officially granted.

Forms to fill out to file an uncontested divorce in Georgia:

The state requires several forms for uncontested divorces:

– Complaint for divorce

– Settlement agreement

– Child support schedule (if applicable)

– Domestic relations financial affidavit

– Final judgment and decree

How We Can Help You

An Atlanta uncontested divorce attorney can:

– Draft and review the settlement agreement

– Ensure compliance with Georgia laws

– File necessary paperwork

– Offer legal advice throughout the process

Our attorneys can expedite the process, prevent costly mistakes, and ensure your rights are protected, even in an uncontested divorce.

Your rights will depend on what’s outlined in the final divorce decree. This can cover asset distribution, custody arrangements, and financial obligations. It is legally binding once the judge signs off on it.

Contact Kaye, Lembeck, Hitt & French – Atlanta Attorneys Specializing in Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce can be a more peaceful and less complicated way to end your marriage, especially with the assistance of our Atlanta uncontested divorce attorney at Kaye, Lembeck, Hitt & French. While it’s less adversarial, the importance of following Georgia law and safeguarding your future can’t be overstated. If you’re looking for experienced legal assistance to guide you through an uncontested divorce in Atlanta, reach out to us today for assistance.

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