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Brilliant, Thoughtful, Personable

Amy Kaye is the BEST attorney I have ever known! I was also a Paralegal at 4 firms in my previous life! Her attention to every detail is beyond every expectation! She is professional, brilliant, thoughtful, personable and sees your case through every possibility! Amy wants the BEST for you and is realistic while continually working on the BEST outcome for you! She is so respected by Judges and her peers, both professionally and personally! I am PROUD to call Amy Kaye my attorney and now a friend!


My Family Is Complete Again Thanks to You

Alyson was a God sent. Not only was she my attorney but she was also there as a friend. She helped me with my custody case when no other attorneys where able to help. She is a very compassionate person whom we have grown to love and trust. Thank you again Alyson for all of your hard work you put forth into helping me. My family is complete again thanks to you.


Fantastic and Compassionate

Elinor handled my divorce case with the upmost care and compassion. It was a complicated case with a child and lots of marital assets and she made sure I was fully in the loop with each step of the process. Fortunately, we were able to reconcile and not have to move forward with the divorce, however I strongly recommend her for any family law matter.


I highly recommend her.

Brooke is amazing. I highly recommend her. She handled my case with complete expertise. I knew I was in great hands and would get the results that I wanted...and I did!


Highest Ethics and Standards

In the long course of my divorce and custody battle Amy has stood by my side. In the darkest moments she has been there, providing sage advice; understanding my current position, but reminding me of what our long-term goals were. In the course of my case I have been exposed to many attorneys, and I am proud to say that mine is the one who always held to the highest ethics and standards.

I do not think that it is too much to say that Amy and the team she assembled have saved my daughter's life.


Her Advise Was Always Correct and to the Point

Clearly the most professional lawyer in the family court. She is totally dedicated to her client(s) and works tirelessly on her cases to get the best results. She is extremely competent in the law and knowledgeable about the emotional issues surrounding family court dynamics. Her advise was always correct and to the point. Wastes little time and understands the financial commitments that a good representation requires. Fulton County Georgia court system has its own unique requirements and idiosyncrasies which takes a lawyer only like Alyson to navigate. Certainly comes the best and highest of recommendations. Few will ever exceed her competence and dedication to her clients.


Fantastic and compassionate

Elinor handled my divorce case with the upmost care and compassion. It was a complicated case with a child and lots of marital assets and she made sure I was fully in the loop with each step of the process. Fortunately, we were able to reconcile and not have to move forward with the divorce, however I strongly recommend her for any family law matter.


I would highly recommend Brooke.

Brooke is an excellent attorney. I had been working with another firm and the case was being drawn out. Brooke and her team got me very organized which reduced my anxiety and we were very prepared for mediation. I was extremely proud of the way Brooke handled mediation (professional, cool, calm and collected, with high integrity). It was a difficult situation for me personally but it was comforting to know that I was in great hands. I would highly recommend Brooke.


I Strongly Recommend Her

Amy Kaye listened to me and fought hard for me and my children. She worked hard to get the case settled but let the other side know we were not afraid to go to court if we had to. I strongly recommend her.


I Sincerely Appreciated Their Professionalism and Compassion

After meeting with Alyson and her team, I felt empowered for the first time in a while. Alyson helped me make smarter, less emotional decisions for my case. I sincerely appreciated their professionalism and compassion and wanted to thank them for keeping me focused on ways to begin to work things out with my husband.


I was impressed by her professionalism and attention to detail

I interviewed several attorneys before choosing Elinor Hitt to represent me in my divorce. From the interview throughout the process I was impressed by her professionalism and attention to detail combined with a caring attitude. Communication among her team was seamless. I can’t speak highly enough about her and would recommend her to anyone seeking a divorce attorney.

Linda H.

She handled everything so professionally

Brooke French is an excellent lawyer. She got me through the hardest time in my life. She handled everything so professionally even when the opposing side was not doing the same. The only bad review on here is from them, if that says anything about how tedious it would have been to be facing them for an 18 month period. “We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor, it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

Michael R.

I Was Pleased With My Results

As a practicing attorney, I recognize that I may be a demanding client with unreasonable expectations. Amy Kaye handled all aspects of my divorce with excellence, responsiveness, good communication, and most importantly, strong strategic counsel and guidance. I was pleased with my results and endorse her unequivocally.


Outstanding Services

When I first met Alyson I was going through my initial stages of divorce. While she was highly recommended to me by a respected lawyer and a friend, Alyson’s level of professionalism and compassion exceeded even my greatest expectations. In desperate times as divorce is, you need family, friends and a good lawyer on your side. I found all three in Alyson. She guided me through a long and overwhelming legal process and never lost her patience despite my frequent and immense inquiries. Alyson provided me with professional support and was also an inspiration to me. Throughout the divorce and later another family court matter, Alyson kept my children’s and my best interest in place and defended our position passionately. I am very grateful to her for her sincere compassion and legal assistance during one of the most challenging times of my life. I would never hesitate to use or refer her outstanding services to anyone in need of a top notch professional and an amazing individual.


Professional and Patient

Elinor Hitt has been an excellent lawyer. Divorces are a time when people are at their lowest point, and Ms. Hitt was almost like a therapist along the way. She was patient and kind and could explain complicated concepts so that they were easy to understand. She fights for your best interests and listens to your requests. Highly recommend!


She is first on my list!

I worked with Brooke on my child support case. She was fair and kind and incredibly supportive. I feel like she took the time to really get to know me, and to advocate for my child's best interest. She wasn't afraid to guide me when I wasn't sure what to do, but also deferred to me once she helped me determine what my options were and what the potential outcomes might be. So grateful for her support and insight and if I ever need another family lawyer, she is first on my list!

Lauren D.

Amy Kaye Gets It Done

Amy Kaye gets it done! She fought very hard for me & my kids to get us the best deal possible. She understands and is sympathetic to the custody issues and she also has a sharp business mind to deal with the financial issues. She pays attention to detail and got me a great result!


I Feel That She and Her Staff Contributed to the Overall Success of My Case

When I realized I needed a lawyer, I started asking friends and associates for recommendations. I needed someone well versed not only in family law but also in the potential international aspects of my case. When I met Alyson, I immediately had a sense of comfort... I wasn't just another case.

I feel that she and her staff contributed to the overall success of my case.

There were numerous minute details involved in my case – language barriers and assistance required from individuals overseas. Alyson listened to my concerns and gave me an added sense of security. I wasn't in it alone. Alyson was available when I needed answers and frequently arranged her very busy schedule to accommodate.

I would highly recommend Alyson and her team to anyone looking for lawyer with Family Law experience. As the mediator told me the day of our mediation... in these (divorce cases) you kind of look at what you want to come away with in the comparison of a baseball game. Alimony, child support, property, etc., etc. and the levels of each of those equate to a double, a triple... a homerun etc. When we finished, the mediator returned to my room and said "ma'am, you just hit it out of the park!" Alyson was at bat. I was just in the dugout watching.


Very Efficient

Elinor was so helpful for me in drafting my prenuptial agreement. She really worked on my behalf and gave me several perspectives to think through. There are a few issues I would have missed had she not been involved. She was also very efficient. She didn't try to raise issues just for the sake of argument and really helped me work towards a quick resolution on a very touchy subject.


She’s the real deal.

As an attorney in Atlanta, I often receive referral requests for family law attorneys. Be it divorce and custody battles for high-net worth individuals or my own personal matters, I have only used and referred friends and family to Brooke French. Brooke is not only a highly experienced practitioner, she is the calm in the storm, guiding clients to their desired outcome in emotionally charged situations. At the same time, Brooke is a dogged advocate, who knows when to be aggressive and fight to win for her clients. She’s the real deal.

Jamila H.

She's fierce, but compassionate

Alyson helped me move out of state with my daughter. I got everything I wanted and more. She's fierce, but compassionate. I will be forever grateful!


This firm is the best in the business!

If you are searching for the best family law firm to protect, counsel, and represent you through a difficult time, Kaye, Lembeck, Hitt & French checks all the boxes! Elinor and Allison did an outstanding job handling my divorce. They were kind, thorough, and communicative through the entire process. They are highly intelligent, true professionals, and top-notch attorneys. This firm is the best in the business!

Chris P.

Extremely pleased with her expertise and advice.

I worked with Brooke on my divorce in 2011-2012 and was extremely pleased with her expertise and advice. Brooke helped me navigate the process of all the divorce proceedings with clarity and success. I appreciated Brooke's ability to get the process moving when things bogged down. She was effective in getting a fair settlement and wrapped up the divorce negotiations in a timely manner.


I Would Highly Recommend Alyson and Her Firm

I adore Alyson and she was fantastic in my divorce settlement and again when I had to request an amendment to child support. I have and will continue to recommend her without thinking twice.

Alyson guided me and stayed focused on my primary goal: making sure my children were represented and cared for with every decision made in regards to a completed agreement. She was steadfast, strong, brilliant, and accessible. She gave me the tools I needed to see this process through to the end.

When I had to go back to readdress my divorce agreement there was no question in my mind that I was going to use Alyson again. She knew my story, my kids, and what mattered most. I had complete confidence that she would do everything she could to obtain my desired results based on what was best for my children.

I would highly recommend Alyson and her firm to represent anyone going through a divorce. They have the family’s best interests as the primary goal even when the family is on the verge of breaking into parts.

K. W.

The whole team worked seamlessly together

From start to finish my experience with Elinor Hitt was extraordinary. The whole team worked seamlessly together so I was never lost between paralegal, and attorneys. They communicated all relevant aspects of my case to each other so didn’t have to retell my story and reask my questions each time I reached out to them. They guided my through gathering documents and prepared me for what to expect at my hearing. I never felt alone. Very knowledgeable and experienced, and absolute professionals at all times. They made a very difficult experience as easy as they possibly could.

Rebecca C.

If You Want Attention to Detail...

Brooke excels at preparation and attention to detail. She is clearly a client advocate all the while maintaining an appropriate and collegial working relationship with opposing counsel. In addition to her legal knowledge she communicates well interpersonally with clients.


Absolutely Amazing

Alyson is absolutely amazing. Not only was she my attorney but my friend. I have never had an attorney fight so hard on my behalf. I would highly recommend Alyson. She's a very honest person and always responded when I needed her. Thank you again Alyson.


Elinor is very knowledgeable and caring

Coming from an attorney who showed no effort or sense of urgency to get my case settled, I found the ladies at KLHF and let me tell you when they say, “you get what you pay for” couldn’t be more true. I would 100% recommend them to anyone looking for someone to represent you who is caring, compassionate and hard working. And special thanks to Elinor for getting my case settled without having to go to court and making me feel like you had my back throughout the whole process making it easy to trust you. Thank you for everything again!


Brooke is a strong attorney whom I would recommend to anyone.

Brooke French was my attorney in a divorce case. She was very knowledgeable about every aspect of the case which gave me confidence that my needs were being met . I felt that she truly cared about me and did everything she could to represent me in the best manner possible. I knew I could call or see Brooke any time I needed to. Brooke is a strong attorney whom I would recommend to anyone.

Nancy O.

I have the utmost respect for Ms. Lembeck and I recommend her without hesitation

Retaining Alyson Lembeck is the best decision I ever made. I consulted with several of the big-named, high-roller family law attorneys in Atlanta who tried to sell me on their firm, saying they would "take good care of me." They each promised good results but offered no real strategy. After I met with Alyson Lembeck and explained situation, she listened, then laid out a thorough strategy for my case. She doesn't waste time. She's direct and honest. Alyson is a woman of action -- she's a brilliant attorney, a quick-on-her-feet problem solver who relies on her knowledge, experience, & high ethical standard to represent her clients, all the while protecting the interest of the children. I have the utmost respect for Ms. Lembeck and I recommend her without hesitation. I trusted her with my life and the life of my children… I'd do it again.


I can't recommend her highly enough

Elinor Hitt represented me in my 2015-16 divorce, and I can't recommend her highly enough. Elinor is extremely knowledgeable and professional yet kind and compassionate.

Nicki R.

Brooke French is an absolutely amazing attorney.

After working with a couple of other family attorney's, I was introduced to Brooke. I instantly knew that Brooke was going to be the one to get the results that I was looking for. Brooke French is an absolutely amazing attorney. I highly recommend her to anyone that asks.

Amy F.

I Would Recommend Her a Hundred Times Over

I can't thank Alyson enough for her help and compassion for me and my case. She also kicked some serious booty in court today, and was even told so by other attorneys in the courtroom afterwards! I would recommend her a hundred times over.


She is calm, thorough, tough and left no stone unturned

Elinor Hitt and her team was fantastic to work with. She is calm, thorough, tough and left no stone unturned. She was aggressive with what I wanted and knew how to get it in mediation. Elinor was a great ally to have in my corner through the toughest time in my life. The staff returned calls and emails quickly and prepared documents in the same fashion. I couldn't have made a better choice. I do not hesitate to recommend her.

Tamara V.

Always professional

Brooke did an excellent job representing me during my divorce. A few years later I sought her out at a new firm to represent me during a contentious modification and custody chapter. Always professional, Brooke has counseled me well in the difficult world of family law and has always kept the children out in front as the primary concern for which I am most appreciative. Thrilled for her newest chapter!

Pete L.

She Helped Me Come Up With a Reasonable Strategy

Alyson is a wonderful attorney who really seems to care about her clients. She took time to sit down with me to first determine my goals in the divorce. She helped me come up with a reasonable strategy that was the least confrontational while at the same time protecting my interests and most importantly the interests of my children. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide real workable solutions. With Alyson’s help, I was able to settle outside of court, saving time, money and heartache. I believe that the outcome was fair and reasonable because Alyson is fair and reasonable.


She was very understanding

I worked with Elinor Hitt during my separation and divorce. She was very understanding of my wants and needs and worked by my side to ensure it was all done! It honestly felt like I was working with a friend throughout the whole process which made what is a difficult time, easier to navigate through.

Charlotte M.

Top notch professionalism made me proud that I had chosen this firm.

Brooke French not only held my hand during the process, she educated me along the way. She protected my girls and fought for our future. Luckily we were able to settle out of court but John Collar, Brooke and their experts were ready if that was not possible. I trusted her completely. The groups accuracy, organization, respectfulness and mannerism was important to me. Top notch professionalism made me proud that I had chosen this firm.


She Is Relentless and I Really Liked That

I observed Alyson as a mediator. She was excellent as a mediator. She handled the mediation with great focus and challenged both parties to understand not just the opportunity each had, but helped them to understand what could be lost. It was a good experience for me to watch and I learned from Alyson today. She is relentless and I really liked that.


I am very happy with my representation!

After consulting with three recommended attorneys, I chose Elinor Hitt because she had a combination of the legal experience, personality and direction I was looking for regarding my matter. She was a skilled negotiator and I felt like she 'always had my back.' I also found her billing to be quite reasonable. I am very happy with my representation!

Mary J. E.

I highly recommend Brooke French!

I highly recommend Brooke French! She is highly knowledgable about the divorce process and has exceptional attention to detail. She understood my case fully and always put the best interest of me and my children first. She made a very difficult, emotional, process go as smoothly as possible. Thank you, Brooke!


I Would Highly Recommend Her

Alyson represented me with my divorce filing. She gave me very good advice and was conscious of keep the cost down. She has continued to answer follow up questions and helped me address a recent tax issue with my ex. I would highly recommend her to someone looking for an uncontested divorce. I would use her again if I have to go back to court with my ex.


I will not work with any other attorney than Brooke.

I went through a less-than-pleasant divorce, shortly followed by a child custody battle. My ex-wife used three attorneys during this time while I only worked with Brooke. She was able to obtain results other attorneys said would not be possible. Unfortunately, we are already planning a third battle in court, and I will not work with any other attorney than Brooke.
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.


I couldn't have chosen a better attorney for the job

I hired Alyson to represent me in a contempt of court case with an incredibly unscrupulous and devious ex-spouse. She has worked tirelessly to uncover his wrong doings and schemes. She has been totally professional every step of the way crossing all her t's and dotting all her i's. I am in ill health and she has found creative ways to save me money so I can continue with this case. We're going to court in a few weeks and I don't doubt for a minute Alyson's abilities to win this case. Alyson and her paralegal have left no stone unturned looking for angles that other lawyers may have missed. She keeps me informed at every step of the way in this case and I couldn't have chosen a better attorney for the job. Hire Alyson and her team if you need help with your case!


Very professional

Brooke was very professional, knowledgeable, well-connected, thorough and thoughtful. Great communication. Thank you!

Jessie T.

I Was Extremely Impressed by Her in-Depth Knowledge of the Law

I am forever indebted to Ms. Lembeck's experience, passion for her work, and extreme diligence and persistence in overturning my temporary custody order to return my son back in my primary care. In less than a year, she was able to have a Guardian Ad Litem appointed to the case, and have a final judgment granted. She fought hard and true for my desired outcome with the utmost professionalism and was able to close the case with those desires met!

I was extremely impressed by her in-depth knowledge of the law, her honest advice, and tactful navigation through the court system. She was impressively prompt in responding to each and every request and never strayed from her commitment to my case.

From my experience working with her, it is evident Ms. Lembeck's intelligence and work ethic are a perfect fit for family law. She has a genuine passion in helping people through the life situation that led them to her office in the first place. I have been more than pleased with the service Alyson Lembeck provided as my attorney during my divorce and even subsequent proceedings. I give my full endorsement of her services for anyone searching for a family law attorney.


I highly recommend them.

Alyson Lembeck and her team are amazing. They are professional, ruthless, understanding and an all round incredible group to have in your court. They get you everything you deserve and then some. I highly recommend them.

Amanda B.

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