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Atlanta Divorce Attorney > Atlanta Business Owner Divorce Attorney

Atlanta Business Owner Divorce Attorney

Navigating a divorce is emotionally and financially taxing for anyone. But if you’re a business owner in Atlanta, the stakes are even higher. Ensuring the stability and continuity of your business during this tumultuous time is paramount. This is where the specialized guidance of our Atlanta business owner divorce attorney at Kaye, Lembeck, Hitt & French becomes indispensable.

When a Business Owner is Going Through a Divorce

Understanding Georgia’s equitable distribution law is crucial. The court divides marital assets based on what is “fair,” which may not necessarily be equal. Factors that could impact this division include:

– The duration of the marriage

– The contribution of each spouse to the business

– The liquidity of the business assets

The division of a business can be complicated and is generally based on the type of business and its valuation. Options include:

  1. Selling the business: The proceeds from the sale are divided between spouses.
  2. One spouse buys out the other: One spouse pays for the other’s share of the business.
  3. Continued joint ownership: Though uncommon in divorce situations, some ex-spouses continue to run the business together.

Protecting Your Rights

In Georgia, businesses are generally considered marital assets, especially if the business was started or grew substantially during the marriage. However, various factors like prenuptial agreements, the nature of business ownership, and the contribution of each spouse can influence the division of this asset. As a business owner, you have the right to:

– Seek a fair valuation of your business

– Protect business assets that are separate property

– Negotiate the terms of the business asset division

How We Can Help

Our business owner divorce attorneys will help with the following:

  • Legal strategy: An attorney will create a robust legal strategy to protect your rights and business.
  • Business valuation: Your lawyer can help you secure an accurate valuation of your business, ensuring that your asset division is fair.
  • Documentation and evidence: Collecting the right forms of evidence to protect your interests is easier with legal help.
  • Dispute resolution: Skilled in negotiation and mediation, an attorney can help resolve issues amicably, often without needing to go to court.

Questions to ask your lawyer:

  • What steps should I take immediately to protect my business?
  • How will the business be valued?
  • How can I negotiate the best terms for asset division?
  • What are the tax implications of dividing a business?

Contact Kaye, Lembeck, Hitt & French

The prospect of divorce is daunting for anyone, but when a business is involved, the complexities multiply. Having our Atlanta business owner divorce attorney at Kaye, Lembeck, Hitt & French is not just a good idea; they’re necessary. Armed with a deep understanding of Georgia’s laws, our attorneys can guide you through the labyrinthine legal process, safeguarding both your personal and business interests. Don’t risk your life’s work; get the legal protection you deserve. Contact us today for assistance.

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