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How Should I Communicate with My Mediator During a Divorce in Georgia?


Mediators play important roles in Georgia divorces, although many spouses aren’t entirely sure what to make of them. Should you view mediators in a friendly light? Is a professional approach more suitable? What can you tell your mediator, and should you avoid making certain admissions? While a divorce lawyer in Georgia can represent your best interests during the mediation process, you might also have the option to contact the mediator directly. How exactly should you do this?

You Can Ask Your Lawyer for Advice About Communicating with Your Mediator 

If you want to tell your mediator something, it might be best to ask for your lawyer’s opinion first. You might have the best intentions, but your admissions or questions could cause unintended negative consequences if you’re not careful. Even if your comments or questions are beneficial, your lawyer can help you draft carefully worded emails that help you tell your side of the story in the most clear way possible.

Many Mediators Prefer that You Keep Everyone in the Loop 

Some mediators tend to avoid private communication with each spouse if they can help it, as they may prioritize openness and transparency. As such, they may prefer that you send the same email to them and your ex – ensuring that no one is kept in the dark. Of course, each mediator has their own way of doing things – and some might be more willing to engage in “off the record” discussions. One thing to keep in mind is that no matter what happens, everything you say during mediation is strictly confidential – and parties may experience serious legal consequences for disclosing this information in public. Therefore, you can feel relatively confident about privacy when you make comments during the mediation process.

Strategic Communication During Mediation 

Often, spouses will find themselves in situations where they want to “indicate” to the mediator that they’re willing to settle without actually expressing the words out loud. This is a very delicate situation, and it may require careful strategic planning alongside your attorney. You might also wish to send a very different message to your ex – one that implies you are dead-set on taking the case all the way to trial. This may be advantageous from a negotiation standpoint, as your ex may feel more pressured to make concessions if they think you want a trial. Rest assured that your divorce lawyer in Georgia can negotiate effectively on your behalf without giving too much away.

Find a Qualified, Experienced Divorce Lawyer in Georgia 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced Atlanta divorce lawyer, look no further than Kaye, Lembeck, Hitt & French. With our help, you can strive for positive outcomes during the mediation process. We can communicate with the mediator on your behalf, and navigating mediation becomes easier when you work with experienced divorce lawyers. Book your consultation today to take your first steps toward positive divorce outcomes.




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